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Why visit the Vipava Valley?

Caught between the Alps, the Karst and the Mediterranean, the Vipava Valley offers something for everyone with its rich history, beautiful nature, fine cuisine and wines. On rolling hills, in vineyards and charming villages you will find endless recreational opportunities, wine lovers can discover the long tradition of winemaking in the region, you can explore historical sites and enjoy an exceptional culinary experience. Visit and discover, explore and experience the Vipava Valley.


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Visitors opinions

What visitors to the Vipava Valley say:
Priporočilo 1
Žiga Obštetar

I had heard and read a lot about the Vipava Valley, so I decided to visit. I was absolutely fascinated by the Vipava Valley, and enjoyed the nature and the culinary offer. I will definitely be back again.

Priporočilo 2
Matevž Črnilogar

I am a local, but I have not lived in the Vipava Valley for a few years. I am happy to return, to reminisce and relax in the peaceful atmosphere and beautiful scenery. There is always something new to discover.

Priporočilo 3
Ajla A.

I'm originally from Ajdovščina. We could hardly wish for a more hospitable, more colourful and more creative home than the Vipava Valley. We are home not only to wind "burja" and great wine, but also good people. 

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